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Welcome to Storytellers On Tour, a Blog and Bookstagram Tour service dedicated to sharing our love of quality indie Fantasy and Science Fiction novels of all sub-genres. Whether you’re a reader looking for something great to read, or an author hoping to reach a broader audience, we got you covered.

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Are you an author looking to get your work in the hands of some readers? We can help!


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  • J.D.L. Rosell, Author of A King's Bargain
    Storytellers On Tour were the definition of organized, professional, and effective. Everything about my tour went off without a hitch. Whether you're a new author or old-timer, I highly recommend trying them out!
    J.D.L. Rosell, Author of A King's Bargain
  • Jesse Nolan Bailey, Author of The Jealousy of Jalice
    Storytellers On Tour was fantastic. The blogs and bookstagramers involved brought their passion into their reviews and book pics, and communication with Justine/Timy remained prompt and professional. I recommend this service to indie fantasy authors looking for affordable, quality book promotion options.
    Jesse Nolan Bailey, Author of The Jealousy of Jalice
  • Luke Tarzian
    Professionalism personified. Storytellers On Tour really cater to their clients.
    Luke Tarzian, Author of The World Maker Parable
  • Martin Svolgart
    This is my first time using Storytellers. I'd seen someone on Facebook mention them in a comment, so I figured, I'll try them. Super friendly first contact, and they were very good at letting me know the options and asking for additional stuff I hadn't thought about. Very professional. The deadline was met on point, and I was freaking out about all the awesome graphics shared on social media from the images I'd sent them. I will definitely be working with Storytellers on Tour again in the future.
    Martin Svolgart, Author of Brass Knuckles & Tattered Wings
  • Phil Williams
    Justine and Timy are highly professional, very communicative and considerate tour managers. Their passion for books shines through in the enthusiasm they put into the campaign, and that gives the publicity a really special, engaging lift!
    Phil Williams, Author of Under Ordshaw
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Upcoming Events

Tour Schedule: Shadow of a Dead God by Patrick Samphire

We’re excited to announce the Shadow of a Dead God Book Tour! Join us July 5th-July 11th to celebrate this Fantasy adventure!

Tour Schedule: Voice of War by Zack Argyle

We’re excited to announce the Voice of War Book Tour! Join us July 12th-July 18th to celebrate this Fantasy adventure!

Tour Schedule: The Hollow Gods by A. J. Vrana

Black Hollow is a town with a dark secret. For centuries, residents have foretold the return of the Dreamwalker—an ominous figure from local folklore said to lure young women into the woods and possess them. Yet the boundary between fact and fable is blurred by a troubling statistic: occasionally, women do go missing. And after [...]

Tour Schedule: The Story of Evil – A Hero’s Downfall by Tony Johnson

We’re excited to announce The Story of Evil – A Hero’s Downfall Book Tour! Join us July 19th-July 25th to celebrate this Epic Fantasy adventure!

Tour Schedule: The Wrack by John Bierce

We’re excited to announce The Wrack Book Tour! Join us August 2nd–August 8th to celebrate this Epidemiological Fantasy!

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Tour Sign-Up: Kings and Daemons by Marcus Lee

A tale of conquest, dark kings, and daemonic heroes. A spellbinding story that will enchant you with its plot of ambition, love, betrayal, sacrifice and redemption. Over fifty years have passed since Daleth the seemingly immortal Witch-King and his army conquered the Ember Kingdom. Now, with the once fertile lands and its enslaved people dying [...]

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